GRADNATION SUMMIT Built on the success of Dropout Prevention Summit Initiative, America’s Promise Alliance launched the GradNation Community Summit Series 2013.  The goal is to host 100 summits across the country through 2016. These summits will accelerate a powerful and sustained locally driven national movement to meet the GradNation Campaign goal of a 90 percent high school graduation rate by 2020. 

The Union City Family Center GradNation Summit used a “design thinking” approach to engage and empower students, young adult community members, parents, educators, local service providers, local business representatives, and local officials to eliminate inequalities in students achievement, close the opportunity gap and increase graduation rates for all students.  The summit utilized student and community leaders to take participants through the process of need-finding, understanding, creating, and thinking with an end result of doing (actionable outcomes) designed with our community in mind.

UNION CITY FAMILY CENTER is collaborating with the City of Union City on implementation of a youth led design process for the development of a Union City Youth Center in the Decoto community.

GLOBAL GLIMPSE believes that first-hand exposure to different countries, cultures and people is one of the most powerful educational experiences a person can have and is essential for developing a new generation of young Americans who think and act as responsible global citizens; as well they believe, deeply, that these transformational experiences should be accessible to all young people regardless of their socioeconomic background. 

  • This year, UNION CITY FAMILY CENTER Family Services Assistant, Abigail Andrade has made this opportunity a reality for TWO Conley-Caraballo High School students to join Global Glimpse in this summer's (2016) leadership development experience in the Dominican Republic.
  • To help send Conley-Caraballo High Students to the Dominican Republic through Global Glimpse a summer immersion program.  Global Glimpse is "committed to building a new generation of diverse young leaders who are equipped and inspired to tackle the social, political, and economic challenges of their generation." Please consider donating to a 'gofundme' account for necessary student travel costs.