UNION CITY FAMILY CENTER promotes “cradle to career” success by engaging and empowering children, youth and families in the Decoto Community to use their full potential. 

We are a partnership of families, schools, community, and public and private organizations working together to foster empowerment, quality education, wellness, and economic opportunity.

We strive to build community by engaging and empowering everyone to participate, so that:

  1. All students in the UNION CITY FAMILY CENTER area will achieve at high academic levels.
  2. Every child in UNION CITY FAMILY CENTER has access to high quality early childhood education supporting healthy physical, behavioral, and cognitive development.
  3. Families set goals and priorities that include college and career preparation.
  4. Community members have sufficient access to integrated health and wellness services.
  5. Positive patterns of behavior are incorporated into the fabric of the community.

UNION CITY FAMILY CENTER Theory of Action (logic model) outlines what we believe to be the right work to reach our vision.