The Union City Family Center is a partnership of families, schools, community, and public and private organizations working together to promote “cradle to retirement” success.

Our mission - We strive to build community by engaging and preparing youth and adults to participate in transforming their communities, so that every child, family, and community member will have at their fingertips high-quality services and opportunities needed in order to thrive.

Our approach focuses on the social, health and educational development of children through wraparound programs and services that improve children's family and neighborhood environments. We achieve results through improving/increasing: ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT by removing barriers and creating opportunities to enable all students to reach their highest aspirations; COMMUNITY STRENGTHENING by promoting equity and addressing social injustices through culturally relevant and authentic engagement of community members, family strengthening, and community transformation; supporting families’ confidence and capacity to address their own needs by building on their strengths, assets, and capacity for resilience; HEALTH & WELLNESS by creating a pipeline of integrated best practice programs to give our children and families seamless support from birth through college to maximize their outcomes; IMPACT & OUTCOMES by strengthening services through impact driven and evidence informed practices that evaluate program outcomes and create a feedback loop.

Our model for this work, which cannot be accomplished by just one agency or program, is COLLECTIVE IMPACT. We serve as the anchor organization for a collaborative of over 30 partners - educators, employers, public officials, social service providers, and community residents - working together to provide an integrated system of care, utilizing evidence-based practices, to support the success of all members of the Union City community, and beyond.

UNION CITY FAMILY CENTER Theory of Action (logic model) outlines what we believe to be the right work to reach our vision.